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Meet Greg.
Professional trader and analyst.


My name is Greg, and I am the founder and owner of TopTradingSignals.


I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, went to a school with a focus on math and physics. Got my bachelor in business administration in Finland, then went to continue my studies in Higher School of Economics(Top 1 economics school in Russia) in Moscow which also gave me a double degree with London School of Economics.

After that, I went to work in United Trader’s Hedge Funds BlackSquare as an analyst but spending so much time on the trading floor got myself involved in stock trading.


Three years later I got my Ph.D. in Financial Derivatives In MGIMO(Top 1 university in Russia) and went to work for a Bank, initially designing and managing options trades, hedging trading floor bets that went sour.


Later I was made head of forex trading department where I was introduced to the secrets of the strategies that were used by the banks traders, while I provided them with the hidden options levels data.


After 10 years in the bank, I decided to become an independent trader and I’ve set up TopTradingSignals company having account management for high-end clients and signals service for regular traders as my main priority.

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Financial Derivatives


Years In Banking Industry


Years Of Trading


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